HAMweather has evolved into one of the most trusted companies for weather content, from data and graphics to custom applications and professional services.

Developed by HAMweather, Aeris is one of the most complete suite of weather data and graphics products available, including a powerful weather API and a variety of toolkits to integrate Aeris into your custom applications.

Broadcast Weather provides custom, HD-quality white-label weather shows for broadcast television and web sites. Show content can range from national summaries and outlooks to hyper-local forecasts.

With its robust suite of weather graphics and data, Alerts Broadcaster provides scalable solutions that keep you up to date with how natural hazards will affect your business and property. Customized alerts and products match individual and organizational needs.

Data Direct services support a broad range of hardware devices collecting field data and reporting it back to a central server system. Individuals and businesses maintain an online and mobile access accounts for viewing weather information collected.

Smart Energy's WindVision product offers wind power forecasts and features designed for industries associated with renewable energy, all backed by a team of meteorologists dedicated to your investment.

Singular Logic employs both intelligent and dynamic ad management solutions through its Ads by Choice technology to provide relevant advertising to consumers while allowing advertisers to reach viewers with a greater interest in their product.